2021 Apple Season

The 2021 apple season will begin on September 11, a Saturday. The hours will be the same as last year, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

The apple quality this year is good, however the apple quantity is down somewhat from the last few years. We have no Honey Crisp this year and few Ginger Gold.

What will mostly be available from Sept 11 to October 1st is Macintosh and Sweet Sixteen.

After October 1st, the mainline varieties will start coming in, such as Holiday, Empire, Jonathan, Cortland, Gala, Liberty, etc. Holiday has been a orchard favorite and is in good supply and quality.

Jonagold which comes in mid October is also in good supply and quality.

And since I graft and collect apple varieties, there will be many varieties with only a few trees that will become ripe throughout the apple season.

Please keep in mind that this is a “pick your own” orchard. Identifications tags with suggested picking dates will be stapled to the trees. If it does not have a tag, it may not be ripe!

All apples are weight at check out. Honey Crisp and Ginger Gold are $1.75 lb and all other varieties are $1.20 lb.

Unlike other pick your own orchards, we do not charge an entrance fee.

Dogs and cats are wellcome. Yes cats. We had one cat last year.

Two independent venders from last year will return this year. They are Mark the Bee guy and Lori & chlidren,

Lori has the property and gardens immediately West of the orchard and will be selling vegetables and various kinds of pickles. Her teenage daughter will be selling what I like to call pretties.

Mark, other than honey and pumpkins will be selling various kinds of herbs this year such as sage, etc. He has his herb gardens adjacent to the apple house. His wife will be selling crafts and she did the new entrance sign installed recently.

The orchard and vendors should have Square or Venmo charging by Sept 11.

Hope to see you again during the 2021 apple season.